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 American, born Jamaica, 1951

 15320 Mountain View Road

 Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

 Phone (760) 329-9311

 Cell (323) 788-1959





1970 - 1974       California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA, B.F.A., Painting and graphic design

1968 - 1970       Vermont Academy, Saxton River, Board of Trustee Scholarship

1967 - 1968       Art Students League, New York, NY, Ford Foundation Scholarship

1963 - 1965       Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica, WI


GRANTS/FELLOWSHIPS (awards/honors, etc)

2018-2019 Education: Art Studio Workshops; "Electrolyte Etching Instructor,"
               Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA
2019 10th Annual Black History Arts Award, "Black Migrations and Urban Realities, Palm Springs Art Museum"

               The Black History Committee, Palm Springs, CA

2012 The Ford Theatre, DCA, Los Angeles County Of Arts Commission, Los Angeles Board Of    

               Supervisors, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Florence Sabin Distinguished Alumni Award, Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, VT

2006 Certificate Of Appreciation Black History Month Artist, Office of City Attorney, LA, CA

2004 Certificate Of Appreciation Black History Month Artist, The Desert Aids Project Education

            Department Minority Aids Initiative, Coachella Valley, CA

2001 The Linx Certificate Of Appreciation Eleventh Annual Art Show Competition, Inglewood, CA

2000 Certificate of Contribution. Jane Doe, Inc. The Massachusetts coalition Against Sexual Assault

            And Domestic Violence, Boston, MA  

1999 Certificate of Appreciation Art Lecture, Mission College, Los Angeles, CA

1996 Heart of the Nation-Proclamation of Art Achievements, Kansas City, MS

1995 Recognition of service to the people of the Watts Community,

            Watts Tower Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

1994 County of Los Angeles, in recognition of outstanding and distinguished service in numerous

            Personal and professional accomplishments, Office of the Mayor Award, Los Angeles, CA 

1993 Certificate of Appreciation, The Jamaica Awareness Association, CA

1990 Certificate of Appreciation – Activities Enhancing Community Betterment “La Salle Wall Mural,”

            City of Los Angeles, CA

1990 Certificate of Commendation, “La Salle Wall Mural”, City of Los Angeles, CA

1990 California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition, CA

1990 CEBA Awards for Excellence, The Hexing Rites-Painting, Capitol Records Advertising campaign

1990 CEBA Awards for Distinction, The Hexing Rites-Painting, Product in Art in advertising

1989 Los Angeles NAACP ACT-SO Judge

1989 Certificate of Appreciation-Art Education, City of Los Angeles, CA

1989 State of California-Art Education for Women in Prison

1986 LAUSD Certificate of Appreciation: Efforts and achievements in art education for children

            with special needs, Sven Lokrantz School, Los Angeles, CA

1985 Certificate of credit for art education for children with special needs, Los Angeles Unified

            School   District, CA

1983 Certificate of Recognition, Outstanding Community Service-Art Education,

            Museum of Arts & Crafts, Los Angeles, CA

1983 City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department Certificate of Appreciation for

            Community Service, CA

1968 Ford Foundation Scholarship, Summer Art Student League Mentor Program

EXHIBITION RECORD           (*solo shows marked by asterisk)

2019 - 2020 *Spirit Of The Land Through Climate Change, San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands, CA
2018 Creative Souls, African American Artists in Greater Los Angeles, Earthbound Series,

            Watts Tower, Los Angeles, CA

2018 Etching Studio Demonstration and Instructional Workshop, Palm Springs Art Museum,

            Palm Springs, CA

2017 Group Show, Jamaican Embassy, Berlin, Germany

2017 Evolving Art Practice: Rags to the Revival Series, Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Below Sea Level, Melissa Morgan Fine Art, El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA

2016 Vortex Art & Music Festival, Curator and Artist with The Art Foundation of Desert Hot Springs,

            Desert Hot Springs, CA

2016 Diversity, Izen Miller Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2016 Visual Voice, Riverside Art Museum, Curator and Exhibitor, Riverside, CA

2016* Rags In The Sands Of Time, the Evolving Rag Series, Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA

2016 Bridging Communities Exhibition, Curator and organizer, Palm Springs Desert Art Museum, CA

2016 *The Praise Paintings of Bernard Stanley Hoyes, Tolerance Educational Center, Palm Desert, CA

2015 *Spirit Of The Land, Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA

2015 Art Performance at The Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2015 Lawrence Crossley Alter, Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muetos, Palm Springs Art Museum,

            Palm Springs, CA

2014 Evolving Abstractions, Artful conversations, Palm Springs Desert Museum, CA

2013 Senate 2013-14 California Contemporary Art Collection Exhibition, Sacramento, CA

2012 Dia de Los Angeles, Sacred Memories, Contemporary and Cross Cultural Expression of the

               Day of The Dead, The Pico House, Los Angeles, CA

2012 BAILA con Duede, Watts Tower Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Interdisciplinary Art Performance, The Seven Paintings, A Story in Performance,

            Ford Theatres, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Honoring Jamaica, All Hallows Guild, Washington Cathedral, Washington, DC

2012 Southwest Black Fine Art Show, African American Museum, Dallas, TX

2011 Places Of Validation Art & Progression, California African American Museum,

            Los Angeles, CA

2011 Shout Exhibition, Avisca Art, Atlanta, GA

2011 Juried Group Exhibition With Rush Philanthropic, 3rd Prize Winner, 5 Claude Lane Gallery

            San Francisco, CA

2011* ”Paintings And Graphics” Harmony Hall. Ocho Rios, Jamaica, W.I.

2010 *”Watercolors Te Land In Transition.” Bluebird Art House, Whittier, CA

2009 *Dancing Into The Light, Art Vine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009 *Das Leben Geht Weiter’ (Life Goes On’), Cologne, Germany

2009 *New Paintings, Royal Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009 Distinctly Los Angeles An African American Perspective, Hanks Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2008 *Contemporary Intuitive, Hank’s Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2007 Jamaican Spirit, Three Jamaican Artists, Johnson Art Collection, LA, CA

2007 *Celebrate Black History, Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens, Cherry Valley, CA

2006 New Possessions, Contemporary Jamaican Art, Art Museum Of America’s, WA, DC

2006 Black Is Beautiful, M.J. Higgins Gallery, LA, CA

2006 *626 Gallery, New Works, LA, CA

2006 *Kensington Press Chemical Revival, The Mutual Gallery and Art Centre Ltd., Jamaica, WI

2006 626 Gallery, Of all Things Considered, LA, CA

2006 *City Hall, Black City Attorneys, Los Angeles City Attorney Office, LA, CA

2005 African American Artists In Los Angeles, A Survey Exhibition: Pathways (1966-1989),

            African American Museum, LA, CA

2005 626 Gallery, Black Masters Of The 21st Century, LA, CA

2005 Jamaican Diaspora, Carprice Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2005 Renue Noir, Belair House, Dulwich, London, UK

2005 Art Off The Main, The Show of Contemporary African, Caribbean & Latin American Art, NY, NY

2004 Plaza del la Raza Art Auction, Cultural Center for the Arts and Education, LA, Ca

2004 National Black Fine Art Show, Puck Building, NY, NY

2003 GLAAACC 2003 Art Salon, Masonic Temple Heritage Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2003 African American Art Legends Exhibition & Awards Gala, FDG Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003 34th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Artist Council Award, Palm Springs Desert Museum, CA

2002 *Travels in the Spirit World, The Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, CA

2002 *Artist Circle Award, Jamaica Cultural Alliance, Los Angeles, CA

2002 Los Angeles Urban League Art Exhibit, Purchase Award, Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

2001 *London Exhibition Tour 2001, (traveling exhibition), Alexandra Galleries, Caribbean Expo,

            Yemanja & Linx, London, England

2001 A Caribbean Odyssey 2001, CLICO Purchase Award, Colonial Life Insurance Company,

            Trinidad, W.I.

2001 *Jane Doe Inc., Solo Exhibit Live and Silent Auction, Boston, MA

2001*The Material and the Spiritual, Selections of Rag & Revival Series, Mutual Life Gallery,

            Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

2000 *Rag Symbols, (installation and performance), Palm Springs Desert Museum, CA

2000 *Rags, R&B Gallery, Palm Springs, CA

2000 Magic Illusions, Southwest College, Los Angeles, CA

2000 Contemporary Popular Artists,, New York, NY

2000 National Black Fine Art Show, Puck Building, NY, NY

1999 *New Works, Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA

1998 *New Rhythm, Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA

1997 *The Spirit of Color Exhibition – Bernard Hoyes. Galerie 400, Washington D.C.

1997 *Entrance – The Way to Enchantment, Seven Sanctuaries, Sherman Oaks, CA

1997 *Bernard Hoyes, Forum Art Gallery, Dana College, Blair, NE

1997 *Art to fall in Love With, Passions Gallery, Provincetown, MA

1997 *Passages, Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, CA

1996 Questioning Equality: An Artistic Discourse, Riverside Art Museum, CA

1996 Across The Street, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX

1996 Across The Street, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, AK

1996 *Roots and Rhythm, Eth’Nicart, Kansas City, MO

1996 National Black Fine Arts Show, Puck Building, NY, NY

1995 *Journey Through the Spirit: 25 Years of Magical Realism, Watts Towers Arts Center,

          Los Angeles, CA

1995 Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou, Vodou Reflections in conjunction with the UCLA Fowler Museum of   

        Cultural History’s Exhibition, Galerie  Lakaye, Los Angeles, CA

1995 Across The Street, Laguna Art Museum, CA

1995 Across The Street, Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

1995 Untitled, Mexican American Bar Association Scholarship, Self-Help

            Graphics, Los Angeles, CA

1995 Untitled, Alba Marrero/Campaign For Mark Ridley Thomas, Self-Help Graphics, Los Angeles, CA

1995 9 From LA, Riverside Art Museum, CA

1995 National Black Fine Art Show, Puck Building, NY, NY

1994 Dancehall, Grosvonor Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

1993 Outtakes, Zeneta Kertisz Art, Venice, CA

1993 Caribbean Echoes, Litwin Gallery, Wichita, KS

1992 *Bernard Hoyes, Stones Gallery, Washington D.C.

1992 Ju-Ju Brothers, Zeneta Kertisz Art, Venice, CA

1992 Casualties of Contemporary Life, Kingston Restoration Project, Kingston, Jamaica

1991 *Revival, Savacou Gallery, New York, N.Y.

1991 *Revival Series, LaBelle Gallerie, New Orleans, LA

1991 Massive, Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, CA

1991 Tribute to Carver G. Woodson, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA

1991 People to See Places to Go, Palmetto Gallery Studio, Los Angeles, CA

1990 Series 1 & 2 Zip Zap, Human Art Gallery/Studio, Venice, CA

1990 Brandywine Workshop, Brandywine Institute, Philadelphia, PA

1989 *Victory of the Spirit, Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

1989 Venice Summer Exhibit, Human Art Gallery/Studio, Venice, CA

1988 Colors, Watts Towers Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA

1988 Art & Social Conscience, McNay Art Museum/San Antonia Art Institute, TX

1988 *Past News in Review, Human Art Gallery, Studio, Venice, CA

1988 Atelier X & XI, Gallery Otra Vez, Los Angeles, CA

1988 *Caribbean Collection, LaBelle Galerie, New Orleans, LA

1988 Multicultural Directions, Gallery Tanner, Los Angeles, CA

1988 Atelier VIII & IX, Self-Help Graphics Juried Show, Los Angeles City College, CA

1987 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Museum of African American Life and Culture,

            Bishop College, Dallas, TX

1987 Annual Juried Exhibition, Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, CA

1987 *Revival Series, Human Art Gallery/Studio, Venice, CA

1987 *Watercolors, Environmental Concerns, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

1987 Marcus Garvey Centennial Exhibition, (traveling exhibition)

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Subsidiary of the

New York Public Library, NY

1986 *Land Textures in Watercolors, Human Art Gallery/Studio, Venice, CA

1985 Recent Paintings & Drawings by Los Angeles Artists, Urban League, Los Angeles, CA

1984 *Revival Series, premier. Bolivar Gallery. Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

1983 *Bernard Stanley Hoyes Exhibition. Bolivar Gallery. Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

1983 Juried Selection ’83, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Rental Gallery, CA

1982 *Bernard Hoyes, Caribbean Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, CA

1980 Artists for Economic Action, Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan, Beverly Hills, CA

1979 *Rag Series Exhibition premier, William Grant Still Community Art Center, Municipal Art Department,

            Los Angeles, CA

1979 Rag Series, West Coast Black Exhibit, Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA

1972 Black Expo, (juried), San Francisco, CA

1969 *Bernard Hoyes, Shepardson Gallery, Saxton Rivers, VT

1969 Art Students League, NY

1966 Hills Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.



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Bolivar Gallery, Kingston Jamaica, W.I.

Royal Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

M. Hanks Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Harmony Hall, Ohco Rios, Jamaica, W.I.

Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

Passion Gallery, Provincetown, MA

Pegasus Gallery Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.




2019 "Mating Dance Of The Humming Birds" Scupture Project , Kingston Restoration Co. &

            The Duke Street Refurbishing Project, Kingston, JA, W.I.

2019 Paint The City Mural Title: Celebration, Kingston Creative, Kingston, Jamaica, W. I.

2019 “Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters”, Public Mural, Church Of St. Paul in The Desert,

            Palm Springs, CA

2017 Barbara Borg, Roots of Pegasus, Bronze Sculpture, Miami Beach, FL

2015 Pan Am Games,Canada “Sweeping Ribbons” Sail Boat Banner representing Jamaica.

2008 Verizon Wireless, Selected to represent Los Angeles “How Sweet The Sound” Choir Competition,

            LA, CA

2008 Edward Borg, Blue Fin Tuna, Granite Sculpture, Miami Beach, FL

2008 The Time Factory Calendar, Bernard Stanley Hoyes Reflects The African Spirit, 

2006 Caricabella: Caribbean Heritage Celebration, Cover Art

2006 Cambridge University Press, West Indians And Their Language, Book cover, Cambridge, UK

2006 Heaventree Press, Kei Miller Book of Poetry, Kingdom of Empty Bellies, Book Cover, UK

2005 Dance Africa Rhythmic, Heritage Going Full Circle, Brooklyn Academy Of Music

2003 Bernard Stanley Hoyes, Portal Publication Calendar

2002 Grand Performances, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs & Self Help Graphics

2001 Women of Virtue, Calendar

1994 African American Review, University English Department

1991 Partnership Development Counsel: The Black Community in Transition, October 1991

1990 In the Spirit of Contribution Mural Project, First A.M.E. Church, Los Angeles, CA

1990 Mural at the Craft & Folk Art Museum – joint project with Wilshire Crest & Carthay

            Elementary Schools, Cosponsored by the Museum  & City Wide Murals Project,

            Los Angeles, CA

1989 Michael Colina, Private Music Album Jacket

1989 Josheri Production, Marina Del Rey, CA

1985 County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Services, Metropolitan Family AIDS Fundraiser

1986/87 Los Angeles City Wide Murals Program Cultural Affairs Department,

            Self-Help Graphics, Los Angeles, CA

1987 Steven Lokrantz School Mural, Reseda, CA

1985 McAlister High School Mural, Tri-C Program, Reseda, CA

1980 Room for One More Adoption Agency, Los Angeles, CA

1980 Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School, Los Angeles, CA

1980 Ward A.M.E. Church Women Ministries, Los Angeles, CA

1980 Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, NY

1979 Marcus Garvey U.N.I.A. Papers, 12 Vol., UCLA Book Cover




 Air Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Alcan Aluminum Corporation, Montreal, Canada

 Alvin A. Shaw, Jr., Los Angeles, CA

 American Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Bank of Nova Scotia, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Bengamin and Elanine Antonetti, NY, NY

 Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Brazilian Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA

 Carol Horowitz, Santa Monica, CA

 Cecile Lee, NJ

 Chief Neigobengo Life Time Chief of Nigeria

 Ciboney Estates Limited, France, Negrezco-Nice AM

 Clarissa Saunders, Los Angeles, CA

 Cliff Meyer & Kathy Root, Beverly Hills, CA

 Claudette Hankins, Long Beach, CA

 Debbie Morgan, Sherman Oaks, CA

 Delta Burke, Los Angeles, CA

 Denise Soares, NY, NY

 Dr. & Mrs. Frank/Claudia Fiaschetti, Rolling Hills, CA

 Dr. Terry Marks, Venice, CA

 Edward Borg, NY

 Ellis Jones, Los Angeles, CA

 Ernest Byner, Washington, D.C.

 Frankie E. Lennon, Los Angeles, CA

 Gene P. Percudani, Tannerville, PA

 Geraldine Johnson, Los Angeles, CA

 Gregory Howard, DC

 Hans Teewisse, Holland

 Harold & Jaime Gordon, Roland Heights, CA

 Harry Litwin, Litwin Gallery, Witchita, KS

 Harvey & Karen Lehman, Los Angeles, CA

 Helene Galen, Century City, CA

 Jamaica School of Art, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 James Russell Robinson, Signal Hill, CA

 Jennie T. Ford, Los Angeles, CA

 Joan McGraff, Boston, MA

 Joseph D. Manetta, Producer, Santa Monica, CA

 Keenan Ivory Wayans, Los Angeles, CA

 Lauren Smith, Marina Del Rey, CA

 Linda R. Neal, Manhattan Beach, CA

 Lorna Johnson, Marina Del Rey, CA

 Sandra & Warren Hill, Sylmar, CA

 Solomon L. Banks Jr., Rolling Hills Estates, CA

 Mexican Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clayton, NY

 Mr. and Mrs. Levy, New York, NY

 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Von Blum, Los Angeles, CA

 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deidrick, Walnut, CA

 Natalie Cole, Tarzana, CA

 Oprah Winfrey, Chicago, IL

 Richard Pryor, Los Angeles, CA

 Robert and Amy Gold, NY, NY                                                                                                    

 Rose Lathan, Encino, CA

 Round Hill Hotel, Montego Bay, Jamaica, W.I.

 Sonia Jones, Attorney at Law, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture, NY, NY

 Steve Harvey, Los Angeles, CA

 Steven W. Lazarus, Santa Monica, CA

 Susan Weinberg, Santa Monica. CA

 Vilma Thomas, Los Angeles, CA

 Venezualan Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.

 Winston & Patricia Peters, Los Angeles, CA

 Zeneta Kertisz Art, Venice, CA


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