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Kingston Restoration
“Walking Museum” Project

This is the First of several Public Art placements on the Historical Duke Street, Downtown Kingston.  
Sponsored by the Kingston Restoration Company and the Duke Street Refurbishing Project. 
It is being funded by the Tourism Enhancement Funds. This 3D metaphor intends to elevate the
conversation of the Nature Race and its divisive role presently.
“Out of many one People” the National motto of Jamaica,
The mating Dance of the National Bird speak to the procreation of all species,
reminding us that we share a common DNA.


"Mating Dance Of Humming Birds"

Our desire was to make something material, big, joyous and life affirming in this difficult, digital and distanced world we are living in.  Hoyes has always thought about science as religion and religion as science.
Top Photos By: Doris Gross 

Bottom Photos By: Harmon Outlaw

Kingston Creative Downtown Arts District Project
Mural Title: "Celebration"

Artist: Bernard Stanley Hoyes

Assistant Artists: Jeanna Lindo, Alec Champanie, Osemere Ehikhametalor

Location: Water Lane, Downtown Kingston, Jamaica

Sponsored By: F&B Downtown Paints

Paint The City is an augmented reality street art project located in the Downtown Kingston Art District (D-KAD). Artists, the First 50 corporates, property owners and tech companies have partnered to create a series of stunning AR murals in the old city, with artwork that reflects the many expressions of Kingston’s creativity.

The project is managed by Doris Gross, and curated by Stanford Watson, Sean Henry and Lisa Lindo. The murals are animated by Next Gen Creators.

"Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters"

A New public Mural at St. Paul in the Desert

Please except our invitation to the unveiling of the mural on April 6, 2019, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

                                                                                                  Learn More about this mural

The Church of St. Paul in the Desert has been in Palm Springs for 80 years and has always been engaged with the community and the opportunity to collaborate with the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission to contribute to a neighborhood mural is ideal for making some of that connection visible.

Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley are home to several peoples, who are not always honored or are not seen as connected to each other.  This mural, "Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters" by local Artist Bernard Hoyes will bridge that gap, connecting the entertainment, recreation and agriculture focus of the desert through water, and acknowledging the Native People, the Mexican-American,  and the African-American presence in our Valley.

The Mural celebrates iconic images of St. Paul the Hermit, Water, Agriculture, Holly-Palm Springs connections and the images of three local clergy who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights in Palm Springs.

A lot of thought was put into the design of this mural, it was selected among several design proposals from local artists because of the multicultural representation and figures it displays that we hope will draw people in - to look and to look again.  That is a major reason why I am excited about the Mural.  It provides an invitation for people to come onto the St. Paul's Campus where they can be inspired, find a place to rest, and connect with the Holy as they understand it.

- Andrew Green, Priest at St. Paul's in Palm Springs.

Click here to donate and for more information

The Church of St. Paul in the Desert

125 West El Alameda

Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone: 760.320.7488

Fax: 760.416.2441


my sanctuary, watercolor impressions of the Land, th
e flora and fauna, bone dry, and under the spell of recent drought. Being the sole guest for many stellar events, My tentacles are ever grasping, to possess the interaction of the live vistas that avail themselves. Seems I am in permanent observation, exposed to the natural changes of the Seasons.