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Kingston Restoration
“Walking Museum” Project

This is the First of several Public Art placements on the Historical Duke Street, Downtown Kingston.  Sponsored by the Kingston Restoration Company and the Duke Street Refurbishing Project.  It is being funded by the Tourism Enhancement Funds. This 3D metaphor intends to elevate the conversation of the Nature Race and its divisive role presently. “Out of many one People” the National motto of Jamaica, The mating Dance of the National Bird speak to the procreation of all species, reminding us that we share a common DNA.


"Mating Dance Of Humming Birds"

Our desire was to make something material, big, joyous and life affirming in this difficult, digital and distanced world we are living in.  Hoyes has always thought about science as religion and religion as science.
Top Photos By: Doris Gross 

Bottom Photos By: Harmon Outlaw

Bernard Stanley Hoyes

A Spritiual Journey From Jamaica,

To The Desert and In-between

Article written by: Chris Clemens Martello

The exhibition will be on view at the San Bernardino County Museum
Nov 17, 2019 through March 31, 2020
2024 Orange Tree Ln
Redlands, CA 92374

The San Bernardino County Museum is pleased to present
"In The Spirit of the Land Through Climate Change"
an exhibition of large scale watercolor paintings that speak to the ecological
life of the Desert, the works evoke beauty and spirituality, ultimately observing
the transmogrification by climate changeover the past ten years.

We would like to give Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Ampac Business Capital

Special thanks to Dr. Cynthia Davis

"Gathering II" of the Revival Series


Original Oil Painting On Canvas
Good things come in small packages.  This painting is just that! 

Alluring and captivating with a unique color scheme.  The figures are beautiful with passionate expressions in the “Gathering”. 

An evening gathering under a blood moon.  10” x 8” framed oil on canvas.

Follow this link to buy on Ebay!

Kingston Creative Downtown Arts District Project
Mural Title: "Celebration"