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First created in 1983 for an Exhibition in homage to the Revival and Pocomania sect found in Jamaica, West Indies. The recollection of my early life with my Grand Aunt, a Healer and Leader of a backyard Church called a Balmyard.  The documentation of this Spiritual Culture as since consumed my Artistic imagination.

              Chickens at Revival Oil on Canvas. 24x36

Hymn of the Pocomania O/C  24x36

Baptism Under a Crescent Moon, O/C  24x36
Ceremonial Table  oil on Canvas,  24x36
Harvest Moon  oil on Canvas,  24x36
 At the Table of Zion,  O/C  24x36

Possession I Oil on Canvas   24x36

          Root and Rhythm,  oil on Canvas. 24x36           
       Native Rhythm   Oil on Canvas  24x36
          Peace Offering  Oil on Canvas  24x36

         Reach to the Heavens Oil on Canvas 30x40

      Sanctified Joy  Oil on Canvas  32x40

     In the Spirit Composition  Oil on Canvas  24x36

            Spiritual Climax  Oil on Canvas  30x40

  Cats at Revival,   oil on Canvas  24x36

Hexing Rites,   oil on Canvas  24x36

Peace Offering,  oil on Canvas   24x36

    Ascension    Oil on Canvas      24x36

           Evening of the Saints  Oil on Canvas 18x36


           Wailing   Oil on Canvas  24x36

         Wheel and Turn Oil on Canvas  30x40

              Apparition  Oil on Canvas  24x36
                Force Shields  Oil on Canvas 18x24
  Presence of a Tranquil God  Oil on Canvas 60x60

    Moonlight Spiritual  Oil on Canvas   40x60


        Procession of Mediums  Oil on Canvas  60x60

      Rivermaid  Oil on Canvas  24x36

      Siren Station  Oil on Canvas  18x24

    Sharon Blessings Oil on Canvas 24x36

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