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Bernard Stanley Hoyes

"Sketches in Paint"

This is a painting from the Artist’s collection of free and expressive studies done on canvas.  

The paintings are development for color, composition, and subject ideas, done from the Artists pencil sketches or direct inspiration.  The “Sketches In Paint”, are marvelous mysteries that excite the imagination.

Follow This Link to View or Bid on Ebay.  Starting bid $170.00


“Stand  Up Bass” (study)

This Painting was done in 2014 a beautiful oil  and oil pastels on canvas with a wooden frame. The painting features a bass player.  The painting is the artist interpretation of the idea that the keyboard carries the melody of the song. 8” x 10” unframed canvas on a wood stretcher framed and mounted on the 13' x 15" wooden frame.

Bernard Hoyes Gallery at The River at Rancho Mirage
71800 Highway 111 Suite A161

Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


"Mercy" Acyrlic on Canvas 60" x 40"


New Works

"The Earthbound Series"©
Expressing a devotional connection to earthbound
spirits and it's cycle.

Title: Earthbound 40" x 60" 2017

Fascinating Works created with sand, coffee grounds, powdered
pigments, plaster, straw, and acrylics on canvas.


Hanson Film Institute presents World Premiere of

OFF THE STREET – short film on art and race relations

College of Fine Arts
University of Arizona
845 N. Park Avenue Room 220
Tucson, Arizona 85721

Berlin, Germany
Art Exhibition commemorating the 53rd Anniversary of the
Independence of Jamaica at the Embassy of Jamaica



Read Desert Sun Article on Bernard Hoyes In The Desert
my sanctuary, watercolor impressions of the Land, th
e flora and fauna, bone dry, and under the spell of recent drought. Being the sole guest for many stellar events, My tentacles are ever grasping, to possess the interaction of the live vistas that avail themselves. Seems I am in permanent observation, exposed to the natural changes of the Seasons.


Today's Specials

Prelude To a Kiss
Price: $100.00
Prelude To a Kiss
22"x22" Signed & Numbered Edition of 500.
Yardbird Serenade
Price: $100.00
Yardbird Serenade
22"x22" Signed & Numbered Edition of 500.

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