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Hoyes Art Show

By Estella Holeman
The L.A Watts Times
August 7, 1997, Page 21

He is an international artist whose paintings are collected by celebrities, politicians, commissioned by corporations and showcased on television sitcoms. But Bernard Stanley Hayes' new work is unlike anything ever seen.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Hoyes has lived in the United States for more than 30 years. His showcase of 21 new paintings Called "En-tance,' The Way to Enchantment," at the Seven Sanctuaries Gallery in Sherman Oaks, takes us back to Jamaica, his spiritual foundation and the duplicity of modern culture in the United Stales.

Located in a tree-lined courtyard of bungalows near the Rive Gauche Cafe, the gallery is owned by Carolyn Cole. Her sister, Natalie, owns one of Hoyes' signature works, "Thanks and Praises."

In the past, Hoyes has been known for his portrayal of rituals, women in dance, and rural settings. His landscape watercolors were like his women on canvas, vibrant, enthralling, and exhilarating.

Hoyes' latest work, however, explores the fine alt' figurative, narrative, folk and surreal genres. All works are oil on canvas, but he's using more muted colors. Some paintings look like wood etchings on canvas. Through the visual medium Hoyes' depth and insight into the multidimensional of human existence include layers of emotion, levels of coexistence and the communion of animal, man and spirit

It's an exhibit where symbolism and our spiritual nature meet in works entitled, "Merging Spirit, Sense of Separation" and "Preparations of Little Kings."

Preparation For The Little Kings

"Even though my work is figurative, it's not realistic. I call it 'magical realism' because it gives the illusion that it's real, but when you look at it' it's not," Hoyes said "There's a spirit somewhere in there where the line isn't drawn, but there is a line; it's implied through the two colors together. I use primary colors. The purity of the color leads to the purity of The Spirit"

'This work is hot!" said a teenage boy, visiting the opening with his aunt.

'This is so surreal," said another guest looking at a painting entitled, "My Shadow Looks with Me."

"if young people like science fiction, they sure would like this," said another viewer, adding, "its like being awake in a dream."
"It's so exciting!" Cole said. "This work is a departure, an elevation from what he's done in the past. He's captured the past, present and future in a moment, a snapshot view; This is the awakening stage, the next level of his revival series," she added

Multidimensional, captivating, intriguing, playful and alluring would describe the unique expression and departure for the popular Hayes. His experiences, either real or imaged, are captured on canvas through engaging dance, work, contemporary and traditional ritualistic settings and uneasy encounters with something you can't see in the paintings, hut an energy you can feel in them.

One work in the exhibit describes the viewer's tour through the gallery. It's entitled' "In the Presence of A Tranquil God(?)."

"En-trance'" runs through Sept 20, at Seven Sanctuaries Gallery, 14106 Ventura Blvd., Suite 105, Sherman Oaks, C& Gallery hours: Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m., or by appointment (818) 990-7049
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