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I thank you for your comments and I appreciate everything you say about my art. 
One Love, Bernard 

I love your work! I have several of your prints 
Malia P., Illinois

I love the vibrant colors 
Savitra B., South Carolina

Thank you for helping to bless the world with beauty.
Carlos G., New York

Moonlight Spiritual
Moonlight Spiritual
Spirtiual Climax
Spiritual Climax

I think the colours you use are just breathtaking, and the movement of the characters is flawless. 
Katie M., Canada

I love your work! I bought a poster at Michael's and framed it. I was hoping to find more. Your work is very spiritual
Corinna W., Florida

I find your painting uplifting and beautiful
Linda M., England

First, I must tell you [that] I love your paintings. I have three of your works. You are one of my favorite artist. May the Lord continue to enrich your life.
Diana H., Ohio

Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey

I'm most certainly sure that you receive thousands of letters a day with people expressing their appreciation for your amazing art. Yet, I could not justify neglecting to tell you what your art has given to a mid-western teenager.

Joy In Blue Composition
Joy In Blue Composition

I first saw your art while shopping with my younger, red headed, freckled, brother. Since I'm only fifteen years of age, and as Caucasian as you can imagine, the art seemed an unlikely match for a young girl such as myself. Looking to redecorate my bedroom, I needed a theme that I was truly passionate about. As I flipped through the prints, I saw a few that I thought were beautiful, but nothing that truly struck me. So, I began to walk away, uninspired, and unmotivated. Walking toward my little brother, a striking glimpse of color caught my eye. I then found myself digging through the paintings to find this vibrant color peering through a crack of pastels.

When I finally found it, my heart burst with an unexplainable joy. I have no African American ancestors, and I'm certainly not someone who has the budget (at this age) to collect art. Even still, I connected with the women dancing and praising in the paintings. With one look, I knew that though we were an unlikely match, our reason for praising and rejoicing was the same: we praise the one and only Lord our Father who overflows our cup with blessings from above. No words could express what I felt. The inspiration behind your work, is the same inspiration that causes me to live out every day. As I look at your paintings, I praise God with the women, and I rejoice in the life of grace He has given me.

I now share your work with everyone I know. Your paintings have touched me more than you could imagine. Just to finish off my story, I should tell you that my bedroom theme will revolve around your paintings. I hope that when others enter my room, they feel the joy, peace, and inspiration that I feel whenever I look at your soulful work. Thank you so much for your spirit! God's richest blessings to a man who has blessed me!! 
Sarah R.

I purchased Sharon's Blessings years ago. I love the beautiful work of Bernard Hoyes. I am the Director of a Woman's Homeless Shelter. Recently I purchased the Revival poster. I plan to put the poster in the woman's shelter. I am sure they will enjoy it. Keep up the wonderful work Bernard. Truly what you do is a gift from the Lord.   Love,One of your fans. 
Sharon S.

Sharon's Blessings
Sharon's Blessings

Flow with the Rhythm
Flow with the Rhythm

Some years ago I purchased Dancing for the Lord because it just grabbed me - I have it still and it remains a piece to which I am continually drawn, as are those who come to visit me. As I write this, I am viewing it on my wall [and] after all these years and it is still just a beautiful, moving piece of art that I just enjoy - I guess that's what it's all about, isn't it? thank you for your work and inspiration.
Sandra S, Hawaii

Your creations are stunningly beautiful, and I want to thank you for pursuing your vocation as an artist so that others may be nourished by your vision and artistry. I have shared your URL with many of my friends here in Maine at a small liberal arts college where I work as the chaplain. 
Kerry M., Maine

In the Spirit
In the Spirit

I was just talking with a friend about your work.  I have owned one of your prints "In the Spirit" for many years and absolutely love it.  I found your web site and was delighted to see your work on the internet. Thank you for painting-- your work has brought much joy to my life.
Audrey J., Georgia

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